To Really Shine at Work, How Much Sleep Is Required?

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Is it possible to strive for better sleep?

Achieving the right amount sleep enables people to get more done and boosts brain power by letting people be more creative and insightful. Sleeping well also helps manage stress, coincides with fitness goals and helps support better health overall.

When busy schedules encroach on rest, remember that sleep is actually time well spent. Creating enough time for sleep means you’ll be better at what you’re working on. The well-rested you makes fewer errors, fewer bad judgment calls and has better mental acuity.

If getting a healthy amount of sleep doesn’t come naturally, examine your mindset about sleep. Is it something you’re fighting or an activity you value? Make a conscious effort to think about the positive advantages of sleep when tempted to burn the midnight oil.

Banish distractions from the bedroom. Anything that has to do with work, bills or other sources of stress doesn’t belong there. Televisions, tablets and smartphones have been proved to be sleep stealers when used just before bedtime. Keeping rooms dark and cool are two core tenets of good sleep hygiene.

Try increasing sleep duration gradually to make the transition easier. Once the ideal amount of rest is reached, stick to a regular schedule, even on the weekends, to make it easier to stay well-rested and avoid the side effects of sleep loss.

A few workday habits can help support proper rest. During the day, get natural sunlight: This supports the body’s circadian rhythms. Work by a window or take a lunchtime walk. Taking regular breaks from computer screens throughout the day and gaining regular exercise can also support sleep.

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