To Really Shine at Work, How Much Sleep Is Required?

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It’s now no secret that feeling tired can affect moods, motivation and focus. But it’s entirely possible for people to remain unaware of these effects when sleep deprivation sets in.

Entrepreneurs and busy professionals tend to burn the candle at both ends, which often means regularly cutting back on sleep or subsisting on the bare minimum. Many prominent businesspeople like Donald Trump and Martha Stewart brag about getting by on as little as four hours a night to stay on top of their empires.

The modern work culture tends to promote the idea that sleeping is time wasted and that as long as people feel OK, they’re probably getting enough rest. But is how you feel really an accurate gauge of how well rested you are?

You may not be as well-rested as you think.

A study, described on the Neurology Reviews site in 2009, aimed to determine performance and perception during sleep deprivation. Researchers tested 23 sleep-deprived people on a series of cognitive tests, quantitative (math) and perceptual (image matching). Then they asked participants to gauge their performance and confidence.

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