12 Habits to Dramatically Improve Your Sleep

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10. Perfect your sleeping cave.

Humans sleep deeper in a dark environment. Our ancestors woke, worked, and slept based on the sun, back in the age where you couldn’t do much in total darkness except sleep. Having any light sources in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep patterns, so eliminate your alarm clock if it has a digital screen, or get an alarm clock with a dimmer. Put black electrical tape over bright LEDs. Get blackout roller blinds. Attach blackout material with fasteners to windows, or wear a sleep mask. Keep your room at an optimal 60 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Be obsessed with cleanliness.

A bit of fair warning: make sure you’re not eating as you read this. Dust mites live in clothing, carpets, and bedding. They like warm environments, and they eat your dead skin. You could be sleeping on a surface full of their feces, which cause allergies and can wake you up. It’s nasty, but true.

The solution? Have minimal furniture in your bedroom. Wash your sheets at least once a week. Wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial wipes. A HEPA filter that emits no light or sound and removes dust mites is also a good investment.

12. Wear nasal strips.

Do you wake up during the night with a dry mouth? You’re a mouth breather. It’s better to breathe through your nose when sleeping. Experiment with nasal strips to open your nose and reduce congestion.

It’s just part of our biology to sleep well. Up your sleep game and you might be surprised with the results.

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