12 Habits to Dramatically Improve Your Sleep

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This article was written by The Oracles member James Swanwick, who is an author, entrepreneur, co-founder of Swanwick Sleep, and CEO of The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge.

Sleep is critical for high performance. Deep down, everybody knows this. But, it tends to be the first thing neglected during busy, high-stress periods. People require quality sleep—especially entrepreneurs, who need that one-percent edge to beat the competition.

If you catch yourself reaching that third cup of coffee just to get through the morning, take note. Here are 13 ways to tweak your daytime routine, optimize your sleep, and take full control of your life and business.

1. Wear blue-light blocking glasses at night.

Most of us know that staring at electronics before bed disrupts your sleep. But who wants to give up their smartphones, computers screens, and televisions in the evening? Not me.

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