Sinestro Just Formed The Biggest Lantern Corps Ever

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Coincidentally, a young Sinestro, who had been an anthropologist before he was recruited to join The Green Lantern Corps, had studied what few legends regarding Umbrax existed and sought to determine the truth of its powers.

It has been revealed that the Invisible Emotional Spectrum differs from the Emotional Spectrum in two key respects. The first is that the Invisible Emotional Spectrum draws upon negative repressed emotions, such as Shame and Lust, rather than Hope or Love. The second is that a person tapping into the Emotional Spectrum generally has the ability to control their emotions and, through it, the energies that The Emotional Spectrum generates.

By contrast, those who develop a connection to the Invisible Emotional Spectrum become a slave to their own worst impulses, with the power controlling them instead.

The current run of Justice League has seen Lex Luthor form a new group dubbed The Legion of Doom. Despite the sinister name, which Luthor based off the classic definition of “doom” meaning an inescapable fate, the group is devoted to stopping the accelerated breakdown of the multiverse by mastering seven fundamental energies. The first of these energies is The Still Force – a power based around inertia, that acts as a counter to The Speed Force that empowers The Flash and other speedsters.

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