Magic: The Gathering Launching New Chandra Nalaar Comic Book Series This Fall

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“Think of a character that you love. From any story, from any proprety. There is an excellent chance that you were introduced to that character by some kind of page, or some sort of screen…we are thrilled to have Vita and Harvey introduce you to Chandra, to her story, her quirks, and her incredible powers. Set in the near future of the Multiverse…knowledge of cards is optional, love of characters required.”

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the announcement is that the comics will be set in the “near future” rather than functioning as a kind of prologue for the adventures Chandra has had in between the events taking place in the Gatewatch storyline. With rising talent like Ayala at the helm, there are a lot of opportunities not just to tell fascinating stories, but to leave clues about what’s going to happen prior to the comics’ narrative to tantalize fans of the main story as well.

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