MAGIC : Harley Quinn’s History With Joker Erased From DC’s Universe

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As she continues to learn about how people are treated in this world, she struggles with the choice between giving up her new hammer (and sweet armor), and doing the right thing to protect the underdog – and Harley being Harley, it’s the underdog that wins in the end. (That, and the fact that they just don’t know how to do a good burger on Apokolips.)

Of course, when Granny finds out about this betrayal, it’s curtains for Harley – and she is stripped of her hammer and her Fury status and finds herself trapped in a sinister space alongside none other that Petite Tina. The two are at the mercy of one of the original Female Furies, Bernadeth, and she is not happy about these two defectors. At the end of the issue, Bernadeth reveals her plan for punishing Tina and Harley for the ‘sin of Free Will’… she’s going to totally wipe their memories, and turn them into mindless minions for Darkseid!

Harley Quinn #47 is titled ‘Who Am I, Again?’, which suggests that Harley is definitely going to struggle to get out of this one with her memories intact, but it is also the final issue of this arc, so whether she loses her free will or (more likely) escapes with all her faculties, it looks like she’ll be back in Brooklyn soon enough.

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