MAGIC : Harley Quinn’s History With Joker Erased From DC’s Universe

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Harley Quinn’s adventures on Apokolips take a turn for the worse this week, and after making some new enemies, it looks like Harley’s history with the Joker is about to be erased… along with the rest of her memory! Last week, in Harley Quinn #45, Harley packed up and left Coney Island for a vacation, sick and tired of trying to be a superhero and ready to take a serious break… and while she started out aiming for a beach vacation, she got more than she bargained for when a couple of female furies popped through a Boom Tube and took her back to Apokolips!

Harley was actually pretty happy with this turn of events, though, because the madness and mayhem of Apokolips suits her nature just fine – especially when she wants to blow off some steam. On top of that, she meets Granny here, who initiates her into the female furies and gives her a magical hammer and a job to do. However, this week, in Harley Quinn #46, things start to go awry as Harley realizes who she is working for, and by the end of the issue, her vacation has turned into her worst nightmare as Granny threatens to wipe her memory!

At first, Harley is happy to take Granny’s job and go after another fury (a Fallen Fury) known as Petite Tina – who turns out to be anything but petite! Still, Harley is able to take her down and turn her in, but not before Tina has started to tell her just how Granny keeps the lower levels of Apokolips living in fear and poverty – something that doesn’t sit well with Harley at all.

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