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Cars and movies, especially action films, go hand-in-hand. And while there are a lot of great movies with cars in them, there is a much more select group of what we would call great car films. Even fewer still are there cars that stand out as specific highlights of those movies – with the exception of some unfortunate gimmicky plot devices (we’re looking at you, Herbie).

It’s not to say that there are no a lot of iconic movie cars – it’s just that there are thousands of movies, a good portion of which have cars in them, so the ratio is a bit skewed. Still, it takes a special vehicle for us to qualify it as a great movies car. For us, it has to be especially unique, essential to the plot, a major part of the characters’ motivations, and/or it has to practically be a character itself. With that in mind, we put together the following list of the best movie cars.


The A-Team

Vans, typically speaking, get a bad rap in the motor vehicle world. Although, there are those who are staunchly pro-van, if you look hard enough. And while we could take or leave most of them, one stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest: the GMC Vandura from The A-Team. Now, it’s worth noting that the original A-Team van from the TV series was actually a 1983 model Vandura, whereas the film version from 2010 is a model from more than a decade later. Still, there’s so little variation in the line that we’re going to give this one a pass. Just don’t get too attached to this one, as it sees very little screen time in the action comedy flick.

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