Electric Cars Rising in the South

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  • In Atlanta, Georgia offers generous incentives, access to car pool lanes in notoriously congested Atlanta, and has one of the largest utilities in the nation, Southern Company championing electrification. According to Polk, Atlanta ranks #5 for total sales of electric cars, including plug-in hybrids, like the Chevy Volt,
  • In Nashville, the electric vehicle is embedded in the state economy with Nissan headquarters and LEAF battery and vehicles manufacturing creating thousands of jobs.
  • In St. Louis, Nissan credits “enthusiastic dealer engagement” and “corporate and university outreach and midwestern pragmatism.”
  • In Dallas – Ft. Worth, corporate America is again leading the charge with NRG has the headquarters of its charging subsidiary, eVgo, and Texas Instruments and BNSF Railroad providing support such as convenient workplace charging.

Unless we cut carbon pollution, extreme weather events like this summer’s wildfires will become more frequent in the future. The good news is that as solutions to avoid major climate disruption start to spread beyond the coasts, creating tens of thousands of jobs, it has become more difficult for the issue to be hijacked by partisan interests.

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