Classic cars : Rotten Aston Martin for sale and demanding ‘labour of love’ restoration

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Aston Martin for sale has been garaged for 50 years

LXH 813 was bought by the current vendor in 1966 and used for approximately two years before being garaged. The car has remained garaged ever since, only moving from one garage to another.

Damage to the front of the bonnet was caused many years ago when the car was being transported from one location to another.

To facilitate movement, and to prevent them seizing, the brake shoes have been removed (these accompany the car).

The vendor believes that the engine has been converted to 3.0 litres in capacity from the original 2.6, and states that it has been fitted with a ‘Butler’ close-ratio gearbox and has Alfin brake drums all round. The radiator, which is not fitted but accompanies the vehicle, was re-cored some years ago.

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