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You know what’s a seriously underrated part of the holidays? Christmas movies. All year, winding down at the end of the day means scouring Netflix until you give up and watch a particularly unnerving episode of Criminal Minds. Not in December. In December we have endless Christmas movies on TV, where your night can end with Jimmy Stewart realizing his life really is wonderful. Or with Billy Bob Thornton and Lauren Graham boffing in the front of his car while she screams “F*** me Santa!” Whatever your flavor.

Another cool thing about Christmas movies: They show a glimpse of the holidays in all kinds of different places, giving us a little travel bug to go along with our Christmas cheer. And since every person you email between Thanksgiving and New Year’s responds with an out-of-office message, December can be the perfect time to take a few days and actually go there. Our friends at the travel app Hopper looked at data from literally millions of flights, crunched the numbers, and found the spots both in the States and abroad where flight prices traditionally drop like a lump of coal into Charlie Brown’s stocking. And December’s results are tempting.

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